India’s First 4×6 Willys Jeep is Dedicated to Sidhu Moosewala

India’s First 4×6 Willys Jeep is Dedicated to Sidhu Moosewala

This is a 4×6 Willys Jeep which is a tribute to Sidhu Moosewala who was an avid car buff. The aftermarket car modification industry in India has shown some tremendous products. This restored Jeep Willys from decades ago is a perfect example to capture the talent that these car shop personnel possess. Check out the details of this uniquely modified Jeep.

4×6 Willys Jeep Dedicated To Sidhu Moosewala

The video has been uploaded by a popular YouTuber who keeps making content around 4×4 vehicles and off-roading adventures. That is exactly what he and his friends decided to do in this video. They have 2 Toyota Fortuners (new-gen and last-gen), 1 Thar and 1 Willys Jeep. As usual, they found an isolated river bed with little water flowing making it an ideal playground for off-roading endeavours. The interesting thing about the Jeep is the fact that it has 6 wheels – two at the front and 4 at the rear. In addition, it has 4-Lo and 4-High for any sort of off-roading activity. The owner mentions that they got it modified and restored from Rajasthan.

The engine has been swapped and it has Bolero’s heart. There have been a ton of electronics added to this old Jeep. This means that the Jeep now has power steering, power brakes, power clutch, etc. The suspension has been re-tuned to ensure that the ride quality is not compromised despite it being a barebones SUV. Additional headlamps have been installed, there is a shovel near the driver side door, a gun stand near the driver seat, adjustable seats, better cushioning, powered wipers, a removable roof, a jerry can, a fake telephone on the side and much more. After modification, the owner took it to the house of Sidhu Moosewala and has his picture at the rear too.