Artificial intelligence is here and now. Should you be worried

A really smart person who knows a lot about computers and robots has quit his job at Google. He is worried that some people might use robots that talk like humans to do bad things.

A really smart person who helped make talking robots thinks that soon, the robots could be even smarter than people.

A long time ago, Google asked someone named Hinton to help make their computers smarter. Hinton is worried about talking computer programs and thinks they could be dangerous. This has made people talk about what might happen in the future if computers become really good at making things on their own.

AI is a word people are talking about a lot since ChatGPT came out in 2022. People are worried about who made it and what will happen if there are too many AI things.

Some people are worried that using AI chatbots could make the world unfair for some people, and that many people might lose their jobs because machines can do their work. They are also afraid that there might be too many lies online, which is a big problem for everyone.

More than 1,000 smart people who know a lot about computers and robots wrote a letter saying that these robots could be dangerous for people and society. They asked for a break of six months to figure out how to make them safer. Even Elon Musk, who owns Tesla and Twitter, was part of this group.

Some grown-ups who know a lot about AI are worried because they don’t really know what could happen with AI in the future. There’s still a lot we don’t understand.

Chatbots like GPT-4 learn by looking at information and seeing how things are similar. They can write all kinds of things like poems, stories, and computer programs. But we need to be careful because sometimes they might say things that aren’t true or are unfair to certain groups of people.

And that’s just one piece of the problem.

An article in the New York Times talks about the problems caused by artificial intelligence and puts them into three groups.

Sometimes computers can give us wrong information and it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not because they seem so sure of themselves. Some people might also use these computers to trick us into believing things that aren’t true because they can talk like humans and be very convincing.

In the future, there is a chance that some people might lose their jobs because of a new kind of computer program called ChatGPT. The people who made ChatGPT know that it might be able to do some jobs that people currently do.

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